Hi. I’m Dave.

Here’s the short version. There’s always the long version too. (If you want to know more about the weird name then you can take a look at this…)

I’m an IT Consultant based in Santa Barbara who works almost exclusively with Apple products and services, helping business and individuals work toward their goals and achieve success through integrating and using those products and services. I’ve been doing this for the great bulk of my professional career, and as I’m barreling toward fifty the great-bulk-of-my-professional career is a long time.

I’m highly certified in Apple technologies, and also hold qualifications in networking and enjoy working with MDMs to boot (particularly JAMF), so designing, configuring and deploying iOS and mobile solutions is something that’s squarely within my wheelhouse.

If you’d like more information (or you’d just like to say hi), then you can contact me here. I look forward to speaking with you!